First, I think it significant to share with you my opinion on environmental conservation and alternative fuels; it is a widely controversial subject. While I do believe in protecting and conserving our environment and finding was to become more efficient, I am not one who believes the earth needs saving. What I accept as true is a responsibility to respect, support, and protect the earth, our earth. That is simply doing my part to carry on clean and healthy living choices that may perhaps inspire others.

Given those statements I ask, are you concerned about leaving a cleaner, more efficient world to our children? Moreover, do you ever think about alternative fuels as an affordable energy source for our children? Recently, I learned about a company that has patented technologies to turn waste water sludge and other bio-organic wastes into bio-mineral agricultural and soil-enrichment products. The company, N-Viro International Corporation, uses lime and/or mineral-rich, combustion byproducts to treat, pasteurize, immobilize, and convert these wastes into useful products that have proven real market value.

According to N-Viro International, “Our suite of green technologies complement each other and build upon a unique concept transforming waste products into a beneficial fertilizer or ultimately creating N-Viro Fuel a renewable alternative fuel perfectly synergistic with the coal combustion industry.” Originally, only municipalities and private companies leased these technologies.

In recent times, N-Viro earned the contract processing the City of Daytona Beach’s sludge production and late acquired the Volusia County facility located. “Our Florida N-Viro facility processes municipal bio solids into N-Viro Soil from many municipalities in the central Florida area.”

Learning of this waste to energy technology being right here in Florida was stimulating and hopeful. Learn more about this suite of green technology at; it might just be the answer to better the world for our children.

As for the fuels, I was impressed with the knowledge that N-Viro recently tested alternative energy on a full-scale basis at the Michigan State University coal-fired power plant. Two unusual fuels, one made from bio-solids and the other from manure, were then blended with coal. This fuel burned in the power plant fluidized bed boiler. According to reports, the blended fuels performed well compared to coal alone; air emissions were below regulatory limits, and the boiler performed normally. Clean coal? Could be an answer to that alternative fuel we are looking forward to burning.