The Spark headline read: “It’s almost swimsuit season, and Publix® invites you to dive in with a little help from Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurt.” I love yogurt. All kinds of yogurt. Especially Yoplait yogurts. My mom introduced me to Yoplait when I was a teen.

I read quite a few reviews before scripting this post. Nope I’m not a Greek yogurt snob. It was said Yoplait most likely didn’t produce this via the traditional straining methods yogurt aficionados require in order to label yogurt “Greek”. There was talk about the sweetener too. I say phooey, Yoplait Greek 100 tastes wonderful. In addition, it is only 100 calories, has 10 grams of protein, AND it costs half as much as Fage. These are big points at this midlife stage of mine. You see, in addition to monitoring our budget, I finally quit smoking and have to monitor those calories now too uggghh. Someone commented that Yoplait’s Greek 100 is also the only yogurt endorsed by Weight Watchers, which is yet another calorie minded bonus, right?

Sampling four flavors, the Lemon, and Peach were delightful and my favorite was Mixed Berry. The Black Cherry was ok, not a flavor that I would purchase again though. I love the fruit on the bottom concept too. The fruit was thick, chunky, and the perfect ratio.

Yoplait Greek 100

The consistency and flavor of the yogurt was that of a conventional style Greek yogurt but a bit less sour and something I prefer. Traditional thick, sour Greek yogurt work well in baking and tzatziki sauces if you ask me! Overall, these 5.3oz / 150 gram cups of Greek style goodness are the ideal snack.

Are you a yogurt snob? Wanna try Yoplait Greek 100? If you haven’t tried the Yoplait Greek 100 now is the time to do so. From May 11th to 31st Publix® is offering Yoplait Greek 100 at 10 for just $10!

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Thanks to My Blog Spark, Publix, and Yoplait for providing me with four samples and a $25 gift card. All opinions are 100% mine.