Every home owner is proud of their living space but there are times when you’d like to just get away for an extended period of time and see the world, relax on the beach, or reinvigorate your energy.

There are ways to pay for your travel is by offering the domain as part of a house swap (trading living space with those that would like to experience a new destination without having to pay expensive costs of a hotel).

House swapping can be a fun, exciting experience for both parties but, as you could expect, each of the parties involved will want something cozy and inviting; this article will share how you can save on creating an attractive household for house swapping, inviting the right individuals, and even saving while in transit.


#1: Take advantage of online discounts for furnishing

Both parties involved in a house swap will generally seek a few main items:

  • Safety & security
  • Location
  • Pricing
  • Coziness & that “home” feeling

One of your best options to create an attractive location for would-be house swappers is to furnish it with new and cozy furniture. The costs of furnishing the location doesn’t need to break the bank especially if you take advantage of online deals such as a Pottery Barn discount code, which can save a great deal of money while keeping your options open.

A few additions to the household such as a new sofa, chairs, or outdoor furnishing can turn your average living space into the dream destination for others.


#2: Recoup costs before, during, and after the travel

The cost of travel can quickly add up even if you’re saving a great deal by going through with a house swap. You have such items as parking, airfare, storage, entertainment, nightlife, and more.

Hot travel destinations like San Francisco, Miami, and New York City come with high costs which is why, with the example of NYC, you’d want to look up info parking prices near JFK airport, use air booking websites that search multiple sources, inquire the cost of taxi’s, and read of the average costs of living in the area if you plan to do a house swap for an extended period of time.

Knowing these costs will allow you set a proper budget as to what improvements you can do to your housing, what to expect once you’re in the new location, and what sort of costs you’ll have upon your return.

It’s always good to know every angle of your budget.


#3: Create a professional look for would-be swappers

One final element that you should consider is taking the time to do a thorough clean-up of the location and then hire a professional photographer to take photographs and video of your location which can go onto your online profile for your preferred house swapping website.

The people that view your profile generally aren’t the type that wants a posh feeling like you’d find in a fancy hotel but, instead, something that looks inviting and a place they could call their second home while they’re on travel. The professional pictures and video creates a clear look of what they can expect so it’ll increase your chances of moving forward with the swap.

In all, make your household look like what you’d seek from the opposite perspective.


House swapping is a safe and enjoyable experience that breathes new life to those involved. The joy of experiencing a new location but the same comfort one would expect from being at home is readily present during this activity. You can balance the costs and create a living space that could, in theory, allow you to travel perpetually. Wouldn’t that be neat?