Every weekend, it seems like one thing that is a continual topic of discussion is what is there to do. Sure, there are the typical no-brainers like using the time to clean up the house, wash the cars or even check out a couple of neighborhood garage sales. But honestly, if there are children involved, those are not really things that would be filed under the category of “fun”. If you want some ideas of what to do that will put smiles on everyone’s faces, here are five cool, creative and inexpensive ideas.

Create your own reality television program. The kids will probably love this suggestion. Whether it’s with your family camcorder or even simply using the videotaping option on your cell phone, everyone can get together and decide what kind of show they want to film. Maybe it’s a five-minute original skit or a talent show; maybe it’s even family-produced cooking program. Either way, a family show is a unique way to pass the time while also creating some lasting memories.

Host a family slumber party. Sure, everyone eats and sleeps under the same roof basically every night, but a slumber party has a bit of a different focus. This is a chance for everyone to get together in one room, order a pizza, play some board games and watch a few movies. The fun part is that once all of the festivities are over, no one retreats to their bedroom. Nope, everyone stays in the living or bonus room. You could make pallets or create a tent. Or everyone can simply find a cozy spot in a chair or coach. There are no real rules, rhyme or reason. The only thing everyone has to remember is to wear a pair of pajamas.

Family Time

 Have a “From My Era” movie marathon. Every generation tends to believe that they had the classics: the classic music, the classic fashion and even the classic films. Rather than trying to explain to your child about how “E.T.” left you all teary-eyed or how you never get tired of watching “The Never Ending Story”, download the films off of NetFlix or Amazon and watch them as a family, instead. You can make an entire night of it by watching movies from your era and combining it with some of your children’s current favorites. You can even have popcorn, candy, and sodas on hand to give the whole movie theatre feel.

Create a family-themed bucket list. Traditionally, a bucket list focuses on things that people want to do before they die. A family-centered one can come with a bit of a twist: things that you would like to do as a family before the kids graduate. Now, if someone lists something like going to Europe, that is probably not an item that can be accomplished over the weekend; but, if someone wants to learn how to swim or go canoeing or drive on a country road (teens with learner’s permits would probably mention that one), those ideas are certainly doable options.

Take a local bus tour. There are so many people who live in their hometown and have never been to any of its landmarks. If your family can relate, how about packing up some sack lunches and taking a tour of your own city? If you really want to feel like a true tourist, you can even book a hotel room in the city and spend a night there. If you take some pictures, it can prove to be the perfect weekend excursion.


Evan Fischer is a contributing writer for Yard Sale Search where you can find Houston garage sales and garage sales in every major city throughout theUnited States.