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St. Patrick’s Day | Family Food Fun

Everyone claims to be a tad bit Irish on St. Patrick’s Day right? Being truly part Irish, a member of Verybestbaking.com, and a huge chocolate fan, sharing this easy mint pie recipe was almost obligatory! Mix It Up with Jenny is...

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PSP – What do this mean?

Oh my am I ever old. I had no idea what PSP represented. I know the iPhone  and I own an LG smart  phone. Would love to own an iPad or maybe even a kindle. But a PSP, blank. One of my great nephews was rambling on about the...

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Super Easy Super Bowl Recipes

Super Bowl Recipes – Pittsburgh Popcorn This post brought to you by Kenmore Live Studio. All opinions are 100% mine. Fun Super Bowl Recipes As many of you know, I am a self-proclaimed foodie and author the food blog Are...

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The Mid-Life Woman …

"You are truly the generation in the middle! You have at once aging parents as well as maturing children to cope with, and you are not granted the deference accorded age, or the indulgence given the young."

Helene S. Arnstein

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